Whether you've got experience behind a bar or are just starting to understand the difference between shaking and stirring a drink, Pink House offers classes for every level of cocktail lover. In these classes, you'll receive a solid foundation in the composition and balance of cocktails, learn what ingredients and equipment are necessary for a well-stocked home bar, as well as appropriate ice, glassware and garnishes. You will also leave class with the confidence to order a cocktail in any bar! During class, you will sample delicious cocktails and make several yourselves with direction from our founder Emily Lawson in these hour-long classes. Be inspired to make creative cocktails at home.  At the end of every class we encourage you to shop The Pink House Shop to help build your home bar with mixers and select from our catalogue of Cocktail Kingdom barwares with special pricing!


Market Fresh Mixology

We gather the freshest fruits; botanicals and spices from the market to create several cocktails you can learn to create at home.  Our Market Mixology class empowers the home bartender to try new flavors and combinations and focuses on the preparation of fresh ingredients through juicing, muddling, infusing and garnishing prepping.  

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Foundations of the Tiki Cocktail

This class will introduce cocktail fans to the origins of Tiki along with the foundations of mixing and fashioning Tiki cocktails. What is Tiki? What is orgeat? What rum should I use? How do I fashion a proper Mai Tai? These questions will all be answered. And, attendees will be well equipped with the essentials to begin making tiki cocktails from their very own home islands!