A note from the owner, Emily Lawson:

I realized my special connection with flavor when I was very young. Some of my clearest memories are the smell of my Nana’s farm; hay being cut, fresh milk, and bacon as the back note to everything. Nana taught me all I needed to be a successful chef, without either of us realizing it! By the time I had moved from home, I was hosting over 30 people at holiday parties at my ski ranch home in Colorado, which I shared with eight other newly-liberated 20-somethings. I learned how to artfully get hot food onto the table, find inspiration in whatever appealed to me at the market that day, and realize the importance of making olfactory memories. Things have changed since those dinner parties in the mountains of Colorado. I have gained skills and exposure to more sensory experiences than I can name! With this knowledge, and an incredible team, we work every day to find new and perfect connections between ingredients. Each product is crafted with an experience and story behind it. Just ask!