Pink House Events is a full-service cocktail staffing company. Regardless of your budget, everyone deserves to drink better!

Based in downtown Bentonville, Pink House Events is dedicated to raising the bar at your event. Our staff is trained, insured, and excited about the current happenings in the cocktail world. From wine pouring to making fire shoot out of your signature cocktail, Pink House Events services all levels of eventing.


We respect the past.

The classic cocktail has stood perfected for many years; we spend time educating our staff on the importance of crafting the classics as they were made decades ago.


We love innovation.

We are constantly evolving with the times and always striving to stay one step ahead of the curve. pH houses an incredible team of creative’s that wont stop until they have developed the perfect new drink, or concept, or ingredient. They give all of that and more to the events they produce.


We raise the bar on service. 

The bartender is your ultimate host. We understand that your event is unique, and we staff knowledgeable craftsmen who provide the utmost professionalism in bar service.


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